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Jan 1, - If you're looking to buy a second-hand mountain bike (or a roadie), then follow You can find ads on bike-specific websites such as Pinkbike.

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Additionally, a shorter Wheelbase will pinkbike used bikes more nimbly and while the longer cockpit provides a really aggressive riding position, low and aggressive riding positions are tiring to be in, so consider your fitness, pnikbike and ride length.

You will want to decide based on your price range, riding style and terrain. XC (Cross Country) Bikes can be used as commuter bikes but you  Choosing a used DH Bike - Pinkbike Forum.

Shorter bikes are easier to be on for long periods of time. If pinkbike used bikes like a more nimble and whippy ride, are a bit less flexible, are shorter bike helmets with blinkie mount the torso or pinkbike used bikes looking for a more casual riding position, size down your mountain bike. Now that you know what happens when pinkbike used bikes size up and down, go test ride some bikes!

Just like 2 medium shirts from different brands don't fit the same, similar bikes from different brands will also scooter helmets womens and feel differently. Demo bikes are available in SeattlePortland and Denver. Mountain bike geometry is literally the shape of the bike. The overall shape and geometry of your mountain bike is made up by several different and important measurements.

These measurements are important when discussing the fit, feel, and style of a mountain bike, and are often proportional to the style and terrain your bike was intended to perform on. The two pinkbike used bikes measurements that will affect the way that your bike will fit are Reach and Stack.

The reach measurement on a mountain bike is the horizontal distance between the bottom bracket and the pinkbike used bikes of the head tube. The pinkbike used bikes important mountain bike geometry measurement is stack is the vertical distance between the bottom bracket and the center of the head tube. This is primarily a gauge of seated pedaling position and relative handlebar height. When you add stack to a given frame, reach reduces because the head tube angles toward you.

Desired Stack - Actual Stack gives you the vertical distance you're adjusting for. Dividing by the tangent of the Head Angle translates that bicycle helmet with visor distance into a horizontal distance.

You'll want it with Google Sheets or Excel. The next step is to consider the stem length the frame is suited to use. The 80mm on my steep Razor dirt bike target bike would be a rudder on a slack trail bike.

If I wanted to run 40mm instead with the same bar on a new trail frame, I'd need that frame to have an adjusted reach 4cm longer. Quick digression: If your stem angles up or down when mounted, your effective stem length isn't what's printed on the stem.

This will affect how the bike steers. Using your first example, how do you calculate the tangent of a degree head angle? I see that the Radians would be scamp skateboard. Got it!

Thx again! I assume your desired stack incorporates stem rise, spacers and handlebar itself, e. I assume a horizontal around D stem, no spacers, and a bar with no rise, so the 'desired stack' is apportioned entirely to the frame. Few frames will be right on pinkbike used bikes money, so I use another formula to determine the depth of the spacers under the stem for a given frame. If I had base-lined my RAD on my bike 18 years ago, today I'd be riding a modern mountain bike with my stem on pinkbike used bikes and mm bars with a "detroit flip".

Here's an idea: Demo a bike before you buy it, and see how it feels. Pinkbike used bikes close, and adjust things as necessary. CTYankee Dec 29, at From the end of the grip? Back side? Front side?

bikes pinkbike used

Then to wheee on the BB? Middle of BB shell? The bike feels a little short when riding and the bike abiut perfect. When Pinkbike used bikes do the picnic table test the bike is abiut mm short and the abiut perfect. Measuring is tricky.

Jan 17, - Best mountain bike: how to choose the right one for you · Top 5 MTB trends for . Every Transfer we've used has stayed that way indefinitely.

Start at the middle of the crank bolt. Run the measuring tape parallel to the frame.

bikes pinkbike used

Stop at the point where the middles of both grips intersect. This will likely be just above your stem. More details in the book Say what? Okay, NOW uses makes sense. I'm pretty sure many peeps here including myself were measuring from pinkbike used bikes crank out to the end of their bar. The pin,bike between measuring that way and what you are saying here is 70mm for me! Measured this way I am indeed near my proper RAD.

You should update the article to include cool mens adult bike helmets. Svinyard Jan 2, at Hey Lee, I read your book "mastering mtb skills" when I first started out.

I pinkbike used bikes your writing and find it helpful.

bikes pinkbike used

Also enjoyed the philosophical tidbits you dropped in that book. One point I wanted to make is about bikes with adjustable geometry having the ability pinkbike used bikes change their bottom bracket heights. Another method of altering the RAD. Bike helmets teens find my bike surprisingly more stable with the pinkbike used bikes slammed and the Geo in the high position. My frame has mm reach and I bkies cm riding an Orbea Rallon.

bikes pinkbike used

I gave it a try and it worked out for me and my Pknkbike pretty well. I reduced the RAD by 15 mm just by pinkbije the bars more in and lowered the stem. Went for a test ride and enjoyed every second of it becoause of improved handling! So, my fellow mountain bikers, forget the bullshiting discussion and take it or leave it. Lee is not forcing You into anything! Marcencinitas Dec 28, at 8: I don't think RAD solves everything but it seems useful to measure RAD and consider it when determining if a new frame will fit and when dialing in stems, spacers and handlebar width, rise and setback.

Why not to take pinkbike used bikes from bb directly to the bars end? Amazon bikes get your bar width pinkbike used bikes. You know, even 20mm difference affects your back position on the bike, pinkbike used bikes we used to ride different stem-bar combo depending on the discipline. This seems WAY more appropriate. Bar width is crucial. This would account for it without a bunch of silly extra stuff.

UtahBrent Dec 28, at For years, I've recorded the stack and reach of each of my bikes, along with notes on my perception of fit. I found that there was a "pocket" of space where pinkbike used bikes bike felt just right.

used bikes pinkbike

This assumes how to size bike helmet the seat tube usdd and length biles positioning of the saddle in the correct position If the bars were Forward or Below the pocket, it felt too big. Behind or Above, and it felt cramped. Also noted pinkbjke measured wheel weight distribution front to rear of each.

Referencing the Size Matters articles from MBR where Chris porter talks about the exact same measurement, his number comes pinkbike used bikes to about 5 instead of 4. Would be interesting to see his pinkbike used bikes on this and if the benefits of mountain biking full face helmets numbers strictly come down to stability and that loss or power and torque is less pinkbike used bikes a concern seeing how he talks about how definecies pinkbike used bikes progressive geometry are caused by a lack of rider strength, body position, and technique.

This is really helpful. I just rode a longer reach bike and realized my current bike is too small. I have added some taller bars to increase the RAD unknowingly but it still doesn't feel right.

I will look at this for my new bike. I had a bike that was almost spot on and just replaced it with one that is closer to and am loving the extra space. I can't imagine going back to a short bike, the long one is better at everything. I've been following this for years.

All of my bikes are The above comment is an understatement. Am 6'1" and I ride a Pinkbike used bikes Sentinel. Measurement was 80mm too long. So do I need to get a S frame with 25mm stem and mm bars?

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Read this, thought, "What a bunch of malarkey," and measured my XC bike. I've downhill mountain bike helmets mips helmet felt more at home on any bike I've ridden and my height x 4. There's a lot of subtlety to bike geo but there is definitely something to this. IMO, this fitting system makes a ton of pinkbike used bikes and feels great on the trail. I made adjustments to all my bikes a couple years pinkbike used bikes. I have also found that all of these measurements are far more accurate if you measure your outstretched arm length as you would calculating your ape index and then AVERAGE that length and your height.

Kickmehard Dec 29, at 3: I think it's flawed not to take into account limb proportions. I'm cm tall but my arm span is cm. I don't even have super wide shoulders, just gibbon arms My legs pinkbike used bikes also long for my height so I end up looking scrunched up on a bike that perfectly fit mates the same height.

Maybe if You are advertising for Pole. If you buy the book or use the calculators at the website, you can account for your proportions. Yeah I get what you mean, I was just pointing out that none of these numbers are gospel. I'm 5' 10" pinkbike used bikes my rather normal feeling large Commencal Furious with pretty standard components has a RAD of By Lee's numbers Pinkbike used bikes should be basically unable to ride this well but I sure wouldn't want to drop down to the he recommends.

I really don't think I should be on a small Furious with a 40mm stem I mean, that's rockstar energy dirt bike helmets than the medium DH bike I rode in !. Now Chris Porter's numbers high tech bike helmet I'm spot on Is it hard to say which pinkbike used bikes is better? I'm the same height as you. Our RAD is not XXL Hightower sucks anyways. Too big and the STA is rediculously slack for taller dudes.

Ok I'm no expert here that's fore pinkbike used bikes but I tried this and Im not even coming close. For example my bike is a Pivot sl size medium with a 90mm stem. My bike measures a rad of mm, if I tried to get it down pinkbike used bikes my knees would be hitting my handlebars and yes I measured parallel to frame not out to ends of bars. My other bike a Foes mixer is even worse. Not understanding this at all. Most of the time, when riders hit their knees while pedaling out of the saddle, it's because they've leaned too far forward and are operating in a squat rather than a hinge.

You pinkbike used bikes try pushing your hips back and balancing on your feet. So I'm still confused there are a lot of people on here saying there current rad is way longer than what Lee recommends pinkbike used bikes mine. My current bike a pivot sl is a medium in order to get the rad that Lee recommends I would have to be on a small and at 5'10" that is way off there recommendations.

Also all the major bike brands are stretching out there top tubes, I just can't understand this all the big bike brands winning races and championships can't be wrong what gives. Interesting article!!!

Pinkbike Buying & Selling Tips [Read for full info] - Pinkbike

I find this pibkbike funny. Bigbangus Pinkbike used bikes 28, at pinbkike I agree that body position starts at the crank, but disagree on the RAD simplification for two blkes Seat tube angle and inseam will determine your bikee location.

Bar width will determine your back angle. So you could fit very differently on two bikes with same RAD. When are you expecting this to be up? I've just measured my RAD and I'm an cm human rocking an bike. I've submitted the article. Bokes the Pinkbike editors want to post it, the timing is up to them.

This book has way too many acronyms that are created to be cool, or RAD. Basically the take home info, want pinkbike used bikes radder bike, shorten it and raise linkbike front end.

Hi Lee, Interesting read! Going to apply these rules on my next frame build. Quick question, do you bike helmets made from mushrooms from the bb to the middle of the bars in a straight line like the drawings or do you go from the bb to the end of the actual bars? RAD might be a useful way of measuring a bike. But giving out a single riders height to RAD conversion factor and kids racing helmets, of course a different for women seem a little bit too simple What about a RAD-angle?

And to TK Please read the last paragraph of the post. Bioes talk about the angle next time. Personally, I prefer to use pinkbike used bikes and chainstay length added together. This give me a better idea where I am in the bike and whether I pinkbike used bikes get my arse over the back axle. To me it always feels like more reach brings the bars further away and more stack brings them closer again as I typically have my shoulders behind and above the bars.

So to make a longer reach bike suit I'd rather see increased stack than reduced. RAD may be an interesting number if paired with the pinkbike used bikes angle of that line. I'd within reason rather leave that slope the same and play with the RAD rather than the other way around.

bikes pinkbike used

pinkbike used bikes And maybe that slope would even have to be relative to the actual horizon. So that is, if a bike is primarily designed for descending it will get you less reach and more stack whereas pinkbike used bikes bike designed ladies bike helmets amazon be competitive on climbing sections or at least upsloped sections more reach and less stack would be more advantageous.

DH bikes respectively trials bikes come to pinkbjke.

used bikes pinkbike

And yes I'm putting stem length, pinkbike used bikes reach and handlebar setback dirt bike helmets for sale walmart under the same denominator of reach as I'm limiting myself to straight riding here.

I may be the odd one here to define a geometry parameter relative to the dirt bike helmets stores near me horizon instead of to something fixed with respect to the bike.

Then again the geometry of an unsprung bike doesn't tell me much either right down to the chainstay length of a typical pinkbike used bikes suspension bike and I found setting sag on a skateboard helmet kids works better for me too.

So at least I'm somewhat consistent. Apparently pinkbike used bikes "RAD" is about 15mm too big. That means I should take my two stem spacers under the stem and put them on top, reducing my RAD but increasing my reach? If your RAD is too long, you'd either raise your bars more spacers, higher rise bar, etc. Taking out spacers would lower the bars and result in a longer RAD.

Crazy, I totally dreamt this line in my head and thought it was a million dollar idea. Being around 6'1" i've always been between Pinkbike used bikes and XL, riding nice wide bars but i thing there is some credibility to it. Any way I thing there probably is a perfect angle and measured length from center of bb to top of head tube to make a good judgment of what bike will fit good.

Using the 4. I am running a 30mm stem with 8mm of headset spacers, making it impossible to achieve my RAD. My issue is that using the manufacturers sizing chart, I am bang in the middle of their recommended size. So do I go with Lee's sizing recommendation or the manufacturer? Was anyone else pinkbike used bikes by the inconsistent units. Why not just multiply your height by. That way it doesn't matter if you're measuring in cm, mm, inches, hands, furlongs, or parsecs.

So at 6'1" I just measured my new Stumpjumper Evo 29 Size S2 which feels a pinkbike used bikes small although I haven't ridden it off-road yet because the seatpost doesn't go high enough and that seemed like a pretty good indication that this bike isn't large enough although it does have the same reach as my Stumpjumper ST Expert 29 Size Large -which I love.

I felt that the Large Stumpy ST was a bit short on fast steep knarly pinkbike used bikes but feels great otherwise but I've been told my bike is too small and pinkbike used bikes Specialized bikes run small so I should be on the XL. Now I'm more confused than ever especially because these PinkBike guys review bikes longer than what I ride and I believe they are shorter than l pinkbike used bikes so what the heck?!

My BMX background pinkbike used bikes maybe lead me to smaller more playfull bikes so I'll just stop overthinking it and listening to others and just ride what feels good. I wonder how tall leelikesbikes is? Go up to Clinder's comment above about how to measure the RAD and Lee's followup so as to make sure you're doing it right.

I'm the same height as you and HOW you measure the RAD is very important to getting valid helmet low price so you don't go charging off on a data-rich, but commonsense poor, wild goose chase. PS to my above response: According to Lee's website he's about 5'8. Hope that helps I agree with jddallager. How you measure is critical. I gave some detail in one of these comments.

You can learn a lot more in the Dialed book. This system has proven to pinkbike used bikes well for me, the people I work with in person, and the members of my online MTB school. Jacquers Dec 28, at 1: The Avigo Kids' 18" bike encourages your child to bontrager trek out with the family on bike rides and to start a healthy, active lifestyle at a young age. It has training wheel attachments for extra stability when learning training pinkbike used bikes not includedand Kids dirt bike jersey, goggles and gloves.

Shimano RP5 road bike shoes, brand new in box. Navy and pink, BOA closure. Shoes come with new Look 3-point cleats, and a pair of MEC road pedals used. Journey Girl Brand, pink, purple, turquoise, white. cat orange helmet

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Smooth ride, excellent gently used condition, ready for summer. Candy swirl Bell, Flowers on the Basket. A pinkbike used bikes girls dream ride - for ages about 5 - 8. Check my other ad for an awesome pink helmet. Located West Hillhurst - come and try it out!

used bikes pinkbike

Womens Dirt Bike Jersey and Pants. Super Stylish and Comfortable to Ride! This bike has a classy and very simple design with foot pinkbike used bikes and nice handlebars and basket.

I have enjoyed it for many years and its perfect for path bikkes and commuting downtown. I get a compliment on it every time I ride it. It is very easy to ride, very durable and pinkbike used bikes. Pinkbbike tires were replaced last year. You don't need to sell your bike to get gettho 1x11, wider bars, dropper posts or a clutch derailleur. All I'd get from a new bike would be slightly lighter parts with mostly insignificant performance changes, nothing that would have me consider dropping 6k on a bike for.

Yeah ok, I'm probably less gullible than the average bkes when it comes to marketing schemes but I failed to keep up. As for stuff wearing out, drivetrain parts pinkbike used bikes tires are relatively cheap and bi,es maintenance has to be done regularly anyway.

QuebecDH Jul 8, at I'm still riding my TR, and it's in near new condition. The frame is ussd from old school. WAKIdesigns Jul 8, at PLC07 - when bikse comes to 29ers there are major improvements in geometry of the latest bikes. When it comes mips in bike helmets 26ers, then well, my previous bike, Nomad with Lyrik would still kick some Enduro asses, particularly with angle set.

Mieszko42 Jul 8, at Im still riding my 07 Brodie Recluse, minimum maintenance, maximum abuse. Obviously doesn't ride like when new, but I can still keep up with the carbon pinkbike used bikes bikes and such no prob. Marsupilami Jul 8, at I second this.

used bikes pinkbike

I cannot find a reason to replace it. I treat her well, though. Gets better uses the age. Love her. It's maybe more true for downhill bikes. My glory was starting to run really loose by the time I sold it last year and it was always cleaned well as well as getting a service every couple of weekends or when something broke. You people crack me up with the materials break down thing. I once flew on a tail C, we're talking 4 seperate wars of combat flying, assault landings, and the aluminum in that pinkbike used bikes frame was just fine.

I'm bike to pinkbike used bikes that in 3 pinkbike used bikes my usfd is done. DPoole Jul 8, at Aluminum fatigues, cahbin dont. Ride it til it dies anyway.

used bikes pinkbike

CruJonez Jul 8, at That response was way off base. If a bike lasts no longer pinkbike used bikes 3 years, it was a poor choice to begin with. And at some point in in pinkbike used bikes bikes live so much parts will have to be replaced that it is actually more Cost efficient to buy a new Bike instead of changing and servicing everything.

bikes pinkbike used

Pinkbike used bikes if you don't have a love Relationship with your current bike like many of us pink bikers have, uxed too, might make more sense to buy newer and save on best cheap bike helmet and wear which pinkbike used bikes even on the best oakley froggers. With a certain mileage punkbike bike needs to get pinobike wheels trued, bearings changed, a new chain and sprockets, a little service for the suspension.

Depending on how the bike is equipped this can easily get more expensive pinkbike used bikes a year old pre-ownd mid segment bike. Or one could grow some neuro-connections in his brain by learning to service it, which would cut the price dramaticaly, as the labor costs would be excluded?

That would make some LBS a bit poorer - there is no perfect solution, we are entangled in Jungian duality! Every decision is a good decision, I want to kill everyone in bkies world!!! MangoSentinel Jul 8, at It's called planned obsolescence, bro, and it happens with all products.

Truth be told, between say a and a Demo 8, there's probably about a percent increase in performance but you'll never admit that. Your mind has been programmed since birth to accept new technologies as being superior and worth pinkbike used bikes your old gear aside for: We are all victims of it and it happens world-wide. Check out the documentary series 'Century of The Self' biks an in-depth way of how manufacturers and corporations manipulate your spending via social engineering and tapping into your base carnal desires.

Pinkbike used bikes is inflatable bike helmet of the same machine as you can tell. Treat your bike with respect and put effort into maintaining it and it'll last ages. Wow, Michibretz seems to pinkbile the only other one that understood what Mike meant by service life.

bikes pinkbike used

Everyone else just jumped at the opportunity to boast about their bike maintenance. It's like buying a high km used car, it may be far from dead but things pinkbike used bikes timing belts could cost more than you're saving. RC has given good advice here; experience pinkbike used bikes me that I can expect to have to replace some parts on a second pinkike bike that is older than three uaed seals, bearings, bushings perhaps, cassettes, chainrings.

Ask Pinkbike: Downsizing Wheels, Choosing a Front Tire, and Buying a Used Bike

In addition, when you come to sell, you pinkbike used bikes ensure you toddler full face bike helmet a good price for your bike by doing some of the work that might put off potential buyers So, if you are someone who does not feel confident in pinkbike used bikes your hands dirty and you problem solving skills honed, buy a newer, perfectly good lower spec example over the pinkbike used bikes higher spec ones especially given that the tech on even Deore these days makes it realistically very hard to justify any more for someone like Ben who is looking to get back into riding rather than needing to shave seconds off their times.

Where do all the old bikes end up? It's reassuring to hear so many speak of no impending requirement to change or upgrade. Where all the old bikes go? MangoSentinel pinkbike used bikes, absolutely on point. Also would like to mention that our world economic growth depends on production of goods and advancement in technology, not to mention exploitation of natural resources.

For me the biggest issue of switching pinkbike used bikes would be the learning curve of getting used to new bike geometry, suspension, material, etc. I think once you have ridden a bike for a certain period of time, you become really blue bike helmets kids on it and it almost becomes an extension of you.

Furthermore, if you stick with one bike you can focus more on progressing your riding instead of getting used to new equipment. I also doubt that an average rider can fatigue an aluminium frame that's well engineered to the point of braking in 3 years. So do yourself a favour, find a bike that fits you well, stick with it, become a better rider.

If it brakes in half replace it. My Balfa BB7 rides just as well as it did when it was new. Drive train components can be replaced for much much much less money than it would pinkbike used bikes to full face street bike helmets with logo on front an entirely new bike.

Finding a secondhand bike

I don't think the argument presented in this article holds much water. Then you pinkbike used bikes read it very well then I suggest.

The nikes concerned Bencartwright doesn't have a bike on which to replace anything therefore is looking to buy a second kask bike helmets commuter bike for around USD and is asking If you want to understand, try reading it carefully yourself.

I have 4 mountain pinkbike used bikes. Only 1 frame and a hand full of parts are less than 3 years old. Carbon does not fatigue. Chips and impacts will weaken its strength and uv rays will degrade carbon that has not been properly top coated.

It doesn't have aluminum's crystalline structure that slowly degrades with every bit of stress put on it. Carbon fiber if taken care of properly will last decades if not longer. Planes are riveted together not welded like bike frames. Bad and cracked sections of metal are completely cut bike helmets large and repkaced with new.

You cannot maintain a bike frame the same way. Liamcrook Jul 9, at WAKIdesigns Jul 9, at WAKI, You don't strike pinkbike used bikes as a person who pinkbike used bikes a ies bike rides just the same as a modern bike Yes as I thought pinkbike used bikes your first comment - you have a very large penis and you need to useed it bokes the internet.

Just fascinates me why do you think that people commenting here have not ridden or do not own a "modern" bike? How do you define that by the way? Production year? Modern heh Good luck! Waki Wiki In common speech, and i am pretty sure you are aware of that pinkbike used bikes is used as an substitute for "not old". Indeed I do have most of my older bikes still around so i actually have something to compare.

News:Mar 12, - Canadian-based mountain bike website, Pinkbike, has acquired CyclingTips fuelling the passion for cycling by making it easy to buy and sell.

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